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Our Services

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ABC understands that reaching your organization’s sales and profit goals are a major part of why you chose to be in business. ABC’s consultants can provide a complete analysis of your current operations and identify areas of opportunity.  We then partner with you to implement strategic solutions that will impact growth and profitability.

Our consultants specialize in brainstorming solutions to barriers for growth.  Whether they be related to your people, financials or marketing and sales, our creativity is your ticket to growth.

Consulting Services

ABC services your business needs though a variety of consulting services and one on one advising.

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Business Infrastructure

Commercial Properties
Green Energy Solutions
Project Management

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Business Development
Hiring for Growth
Community Relations
Operational Procedures
Goal Setting
Corporate Structure
One on One Advising

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Marketing Strategies
Success Seminars
Sales Funnel Management

ABC can help you to achieve:

  • Growth & Profitability
  • Efficient team performance
  • Maximization of employee resources
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Increased sales performance
  • Effective communication throughout a diverse workforce
  • Efficient work spaces
  • Decreased expenses through waste management and sustainable practices

Business Development

Having a knowledgeable and capable staff is key to the continued growth of your business. Our consultants recognize your staff is a key element in your business.  As a result, we work with you to create a strategic plan that focuses on developing your recruiting, on-boarding, training and development and retention practices to meet your growth potential.  We work with you to ensure your company’s policies and procedures, job descriptions and training programs support your growth aspirations.


Besides sharing our expertise, ABC also realizes that networking is critical to the success of any organization. We strive to connect you with other organizations that can provide resources and build relationships you need to grow.  By exposing you events in your community, business coalitions, and national organizations, ABC partners with you to create the network you need to flourish.


Marketing is an integral part of achieving success in business. ABC analyses your current marketing plans and creates marketing strategies to advance opportunities. Marketing to your customer base is important to a thriving business and ABC recognizes the need to market your brand to the right customer base.

Business Operations

Our consultants analyze potential risks to your business and work with you to develop action plans to minimize and mitigate risks moving forward. ABC understands that managing risk can be a stressful task and we work with you one on one to navigate the way.